The Veil Debate: The Home Secretary is NOT Gok Wan


There are just some things people should not wear: vests, speedos and crocs being just some of them. However, do we include the veil, or the niqab in this list?

Somehow the government have suddenly decided to designate their politicians as fashion police? The same people who believe the combover is stylish, and that beige is the new pink.

Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne has called for a national debate on the subject, but is banning the burqa the biggest issue we face in the UK? Surely, one would think that the times of austerity and poverty should be brought up. Or the dodgy goings-on in the Syria debate? But no, the minister is far too concerned what a woman should or should not wear!

Currently, Muslims make up 4.8% of the UK population, or as the EDL like to proclaim 99% but they failed their GCSE Maths…twice. And only a tiny proportion of that 4.8% actually decide to wear the veil. Whereas, 7.7% of the UK population are unemployed.

Woman in Desert near Sharm el Sheik

Who am I to say what fashion people choose is wrong? I believe that chinos are evil, and women who wear very little clothing have very little brain cells. But I am not in the position to ban them! I find a Burnley or a Rangers football jersey deplorable, but that doesn’t mean I would stop something wearing them…no matter how deluded they are.

Tory MP Sarah Wollaston has called the veil a symbol of repression and segregation. Naturally, this white middle-class Christian lady is in the position to comment, right? However, the Muslims whom I have talked to about the issue seem to find the veil rather liberating. Although I do not necessarily agree with it, I should not condemn it. I find wearing bow ties rather liberating, as it releases my eccentric side. Whereas the burqa serves as a way of maintaining dignity for some women. I don’t have dignity – and I haven’t for years – but I ain’t gonna stop someone trying to keep it.

Recently, after the sad case involving the hate murder of ‘goth’ Sophie Lancaster, attacks of those who dress alternatively is classed as a hate crime. Yet it seems, the new Face Coverings Prohibition Bill is in direct contradiction of this.


Yes, there needs to be compromise from BOTH sides on the issue of security or oppression. At the end of the day, a woman has the right to choose whatever the hell she wants to wear: be it a veil, an Iron Maiden t-shirt or very little. We are not France, and the last time I looked the Home Secretary is not Gok Wan. Thank God…or Allah…or Charles Darwin. I don’t care! Believe in whomever you want to and wear whatever tickles your fancy.

Photo Credits:

‘Woman in Desert near Sharm el Sheik’ courtesy of David Dennis via Flickr/Creative Commons

‘Gok Wan’ courtesy of Garry Knight via Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons